N-132 Volta’s Hail Storm


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When small bits of aluminum foil, pith, or vermiculite are placed in the cylinder and the upper plate is brought near an operating generator, the particles will bounce rapidly. They are first attracted to the upper plate but, after touching, are violently repelled downward, where they lose their charge upon contacting the lower plate. They are then ready to be attracted back to the upper plate.

The precipitation of smoke may also be shown. The smoke will vanish by precipitation or attraction to the metal screening.

Item N-132IS does not come with a handheld base.  It is specially designed to be mounted on N-140 our Insulating Stand (sold separately).

Vermiculite and metal screening are included.

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N-132 Small Canister, N-132L Large Canister, N-132IS Large with Insulating Stand Base


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Instructions:  Volta’s Hail Storm


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