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  Classroom Videos!

Updated and FUN Electrostatic Videos for e-learning and classroom use! Featuring the <soon to be physics famous> Matt Mindach, teacher of chemistry, Physics, ICP, and Computer Science Principles at Wabash High School.


Control of electricity is vested in just three basic properties – resistance, capacitance and inductance.

See them all in action with the Choke and Resonance Coil.


Light from the Sun is that wonderful gift in life that lets us see.

Study the make up of this precious wave phenomena with a Student Spectroscope.


There is an undeniable connection between electricity and magnetism.

Reveal it with Oersted’s Apparatus


A special, but oh so critical, kind of electricity that is present everywhere. With the many available accessories, a great starter for the study of this most entertaining subject is the Van de Graaff Generator.


We all know that sound is wave energy. The Resonance Apparatus, will show your students how to measure frequency and wavelength.

Museum directors and instructors just like you, have proven that our products make learning science and physics fun!  You’ve proven that our instruments are durable, easy to use, and have a lasting value for the student or science museum visitor.

As the leading US manufacturer of Scientific Education instruments and their replacement parts, we’re dedicated helping you instill a love of science in your students and visitors, world-wide.

Come, take a look around and see for yourself the complicated processes that we help to make easy to understand. We have tools that are always in-stock, to help you create imaginative and engaging demonstrations that will have the user yearning for more!  When you call for support, you speak to the designer of the products.  No one understands how our products work for your implementations better than we do.

Globally responsive

Our instruments are manufactured to meet your country’s electrical service needs. And while we would love to meet you in person, we ship anywhere – in the US and internationally.


Our instruments are shipped with instruction sheets and demonstration suggestions to provide you with the best equipment success. Our staff is eager to answer any questions you may have.


Dedicated to product longevity, we have replacement and maintenance parts for every piece of equipment. We manufacture all equipment in our Wabash Indiana, USA based facility.

You've probably seen us and not realized it

  • Bill Nye uses our Van De Graaff in his Static Electricity video on YouTube.
  • Our instruments have been used by The Weather Channel, on “Lost“, “Leftovers“, and “Person of Interest” television shows.
  • Leading schools and universities across the globe utilize our equipment in their science and physics labs.