N-140 Insulating Stand


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The purpose of the Insulating Stand is to provide for the mounting of accessories used in demonstration of the Van de Graaff Electrostatic Generator.  At the top of the acrylic insulating rod is a slightly tapered metal post designed to fit into a similarly tapered female part on the bottom of the accessory being attached.  The metal hook that extends from the top side of the rod can be used to ground the base of mounted accessories.

Both images above demonstrate the Insulating stand with accessory.

Intended for use with (each sold separately):
N-141-IS Racing Ball (featured above)
N-132-IS Volta’s Hail (not shown)
N-124-IS Electric Whirl (shown above)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 23.75 × 5.75 × 5.75 in

Replacement Parts

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RP-700 Grounding wire


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Instructions:  Insulating Stand

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