PTG Replica Diffraction Gratings

PTG Replica Diffraction Gratings


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Diffraction gratings are used to break a beam of light into its individual frequencies (colors). They have rulings of very closely spaced grooves which interfere with the normal passage of light.

Transmission gratings are, as the name implies, transparent and allow the light to pass through with some portion of it being diffracted in the process. The resulting spectrum is characteristic of that particular light source and, with study, can identify the elements involved in the emission.

Transmission gratings are typically used in simple spectroscopes and on optical benches. The gratings offered here are made by casting a liquid on a grating master and allowing it to dry. The film is then removed, cut to size and shape, and mounted on glass. Rulings are 600 lines per mm.

Select the grating that best meets your needs.  If size/shape you need is not shown, please contact us.  We have the capability to make gratings in all sizes.  All gratings are packed in a foam-lined plastic storage box.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1.5 in

Square, Round, Square Mounted

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